Proven Results

The high intensity fit20 training produces a powerful stimulus to improve your health. You get stronger and feel better. It also reduces your risk for certain common illnesses like type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. You don’t have to guess at your progress since your trainer keeps track of your performance on our fit20 App. This allows you to see your results whenever you like. Most of our members notice improvements within just a few sessions and they continue to watch their progress from there.

Your optimal health boost

The fit20 training gives your body a strong weekly stimulus to improve strength, endurance, oxygen transport, blood sugar regulation, bone density, metabolism, energy levels, hormone profile, mental focus, flexibility, immune function, ability to cope with stress, and… much more. Schedule a free session, with no obligation to join, and experience it yourself!

Sufficient rest

Muscles are made up of 4 different fibre types that are engaged sequentially when more strength and power is required. Our training method is designed to engage all muscle fibre types. Other training methods rarely engage all fibre types, so this is just one of the unique elements of the fit20 training.

Because your training is intense it is important to get enough rest. During the rest period of one week between sessions, your muscles get stronger and your entire body is stimulated to function better. This regenerative process is referred to as “supercompensation”. This is when you reap the benefits of your training efforts. This is why training more frequently is not necessary and can actually be counterproductive.

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More energy and endurance

During fit20 training you use all of your different muscle fibre types. It is such an effective way to train that you gain strength fast. The fit20 training also has a strong influence on the “energy factories” (mitochondria) in your muscle cells, which improves your energy in daily life. A specific process inside the mitochondria engages your aerobic metabolism for about one and a half hours after your fit20 training.

This metabolic boost means your body becomes more efficient in converting energy for your muscles. You feel this effect in activities of everyday life. You’ll feel like you can do more with less effort. You won’t feel as tired during the day. By training your muscles the fit20 way, with high intensity, your muscles demand lots of oxygen. Your heart will need to pump harder to get the oxygen-rich blood to your muscles. Because with fit20 you train your muscles optimally, the heart follows automatically. There’s no need to do additional cardio training.

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