Breast Cancer survivor now New Zealand's Pink Dragon Boat representative

In late 2022 Caroline Crann from Pink Dragons started to become more serious about her dragon boating fitness and decided it was time to join a gym. This was a bit of a major decision for her as she “hated” gyms, not from an exercise point of view but just an actual going to them… they didn’t appeal to her – lots of heavy equipment and muscly people!

She roamed the internet and chanced upon fit20, a boutique gym located in Albany, Auckland.

Working with the trainers, Tiffeny, Nirav and Elena at appointed sessions she has see noticeable results in increased muscle mass, toned up and is stronger in her core than ever before.

The benefit to her was tangible in her fitness levels throughout the intense competition of Dragonboat Regionals Champs, National Champs, Auckland Rep Squad and the International Breast Cancer Paddlers Commission world event and ultimately led to her selection for NZ Black Dragons to compete in Thailand in August 2023..

watch the video here!