Amazingly positive content

We all know that our High Intensity Training improves our strength, so that our daily activities become easier. But what lots of people not always directly realise is that there are many health benefits included in our training. For example one of them is that our bone density goes up and that it may be preventive for many serious lifestyle diseases. We at fit20 know that our training has lots of science and research indicating the vital relationship between skeletal muscle, health and healthy aging. Some of this research we have posted on our Facebook page here.

But how much better is it when we hear it from one of our fit20 clients themselves.

Our 74 year old female client started fit20 1,5 year ago. She had breast cancer in the past and had gone through cancer treatment. Normally this also means that the bone density drops quite a bit due to these treatments. As she had a check up again recently with her doctor he was quite surprised and pleased that her bone density even had gone up from before treatments. He mentioned that her levels were comparable to those from a 40 year old! He was asking her if she did resistance training and of course she could tell him about fit20. On top of this he told her as well that her cancer hadn't come back and that her chances of it returning were the same as for every other female! We are very happy for her.

Our client agreed for us to share this on our Facebook page and we really appreciate that. We at fit20 are passionate about improving the quality of life of as many people as we can by adding strength. We know that strong people life longer and healthier lives!

If we can reach only one other person by sharing these great results then that would be great. And if you can help us with this by telling someone you know who needs this, then we all can help each other!